Three Bottles Steam Sterilizer Farlin

Model No.: BSN-BC-TOP219


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Farlin TOP-219 Sterilizer 3 is designed to sterilize baby bottles, saving more time in caring for babies. The Farlin Top 219 sterilizer will be a tool to help mothers sterilize bottles and prevent digestive diseases in children. The machine is designed wide and can sterilize 3 bottles simultaneously, helping mothers save time. This is an essential product for families with young children.

Made of safe plastic, do not deform the bottle when sterilized, and ensure the health of the baby. 
The radiator is made of stainless steel, not oxidized, and has high durability and long life. 
Farlin TOP-219 can sterilize 3 milk bottles simultaneously in about 15 minutes, making them completely bacteria-free. 
The electric sterilizer uses a 220V / 50Hz power source, the self-shutdown system is equipped to save power, fire, and explosion.
Compact design for carrying.
Parts of the electric disinfection machine can be disassembled and cleaned. 
Easy to use and very convenient to sterilize baby bottles.
Water resistant tray
Hygienic and safe to use.


Clean the dispenser and utensils, then tidy up the Farlin TOP-219 Sterilizer.
Pressing the on / off button starts the sterilization process.
After 15 minutes, the machine automatically shuts down. You have to wait a few minutes and unplug the power. Remove the milk bottle and the accessory.

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