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Electronic Musical ATM Piggy Bank Money Safe Box Toy for kids is an excellent toy to teach kids the importance of saving and investment. This ATM Safe comes in 4 colors Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green. 
This is suitable for all kinds of money, such as coin, cash, and paper. This toy has Music, Led Light, Electronic Sounds, and a changeable password. This product requires 3AA Batteries  (Not Included)

Product Size(cm)
Package Size(cm)


Use 3 X 1.5V“AA” batteries

Use a screwdriver (not included) to open the screw on the bottom of the battery cover.

After installing the battery in the correct positive and negative position in the battery case, use a screwdriver to reload. Music starts which means ready to use. 


To open the safe box must first enter a four-digit password, the default password is "0000"

Enter a four-digit password, the green light will be lighted up and produces music, the door auto-rotates and opens. The red light will light up and make a sound to remind you if you enter the wrong password.

The green light will go out and make the humming sound for opening the door for more than 10 seconds after every 20 seconds it makes the humming sound until the door closes. 

The money will be automatically pulled when you put the money into its opening and makes music, 1-5 pieces of money can be automatically entered per time. You can withdraw the money if you enter the password.


Make sure to enter the default password 0000 to open the safe. Touch and hold the key of "*" and then the light will flash. Enter a new four-digit password in 15 seconds and press the key of "#" to confirm the new password. The light will stop flashing. 
Notes: The process will be stopped if you don't enter the new password in 15 seconds. And should restart the program, release the key "*" for closing the door. You should take the batteries and wait for 5 minutes which will restore the default password to 0000 if you forget the password.

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