i-que intelligent robot

Model No.: BSN-TY-20617


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I-Que from Toy Quest is the worlds smartest robot and a wonder robot indeed. The little robotic pet can spell, say or give the meaning of any word in the Merriam-Websters English dictionary. In addition, the interactive robot will identify its owners voice, follow them around, knows the date and time, and is intelligent enough to remember fun facts about different things. When it's batteries run low, the robot itself goes to the docking station to recharge its batteries! Talk about being intelligent.

I-QUE is a mobile robot and can go anywhere in your house. He can even find his way out of a corner. When it runs out of steam, it automatically recharges itself. He even includes a self-contained "blackberry" communicator inside, allowing him to know the dates on a calendar, your friends, favorite activities and more. Expandable cartridges make him an expert in tons of areas. 
* The world's smartest robot... and getting smarter every day!
* Filled with thousands of facts, trivia, and fun!
* i-Que is your best friend and your smartest pal.
* Contains the entire Merriam Webster student dictionary!
* Text to speech allows millions of words to be spoken -- even in different accents and themes

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